Monday, July 14, 2008

Bloody hell

What better way to end a really stressful, yet productive day at work than to drive into a stationary object?

I worked late in order to (successfully) work out a deal for tickets to an event we want to take a potential client to. Working late meant that I kept Rusty waiting when he had to get back to work. So when I finally walked to my car, I get a call from the Hubster and he tells me that I need to boogie and get home to the dogs so he can leave. The combination of being pumped up after I did something awesome at work and being in a rush to get home, I didn't pay attention to how my steering wheel was turned or the fact that I was parked right next to a giant post. I started to pull out of my spot and BOOM! Right into the post. Followed by some colorful language that I'll leave out since this blog should be at least semi-family friendly. I quickly look out my window to see if anyone saw or heard me and there were two guys about 7 cars away staring at me. Sweeeet. Embarrassing? Sure. But whatever, they don't know me. And then I saw my boss pulling out about four cars down. Double sweeeet.

Oh, and I almost did it a second time because I was so flustered.

Luckily, damage was barely noticeable and my car is totally driveable. Thank god. Because while a ding here and there doesn't really bother me, the last thing I wanted was to pay a $500 deductible to get it fixed.

Seriously... I hate when stuff like this happens. I am such a moron.

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