Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Steps

A little more about our house to set the tone for what's to come...

When we bought it, it was actually in fantastic condition. Absolutely nothing "needed" to be done, it was completely move-in ready. That said, there were (and are) plenty of things we want to do, and as time has gone on a few "must do's" to throw in there as well. Let's not forget that we're still adjusting to a giant mortgage payment during tough economic times, so everything we have done and will do is on a very strict budget. (Hmmm... that sounds like a disclaimer, but it's not!) Basically all this means is that we have to be patient and creative to get things done around here.

So when I had a $100 gift burning a hole in my pocket and promises of rain to come, I found the perfect project to tackle: the planter box in front of our house. The eyesore that greeted me when I came home at the end of the day was starting to get depressing. It's not that it looked like a dump, it just didn't look like we had put any effort into it at all - uh, because we hadn't. A 3 hour project turned this (actually, by the time the project started all but the giant bush in the middle was dead):

Into this...

Moving a big bush to a better spot, adding a few new plants and some festive pumpkins and the house looks so much better. We had already changed out the porch light and added the house number to the front by the garage and love the results. But we're definitely not done yet. Also on the list? Shutters for the window on the right (can't decide on a color - I want to paint the whole house a new color scheme, but, again, the money issue. Thoughts?? I'd love some input here!!), potentially painting the front door, and a bench for the porch. And what about the brick of the planter? I like the natural brick look, but for some reason it just looks.... messy? Anyway, we also need to fill in the back corner of that planter box, but you can't really see it due to the giant lemon tree that mostly blocks it, so I'm focusing on the rest first.

I'm opening this and every other project to feedback and ideas. I have the creativity of a fruit fly, so any help would be much appreciated. :)

PS. The before and after pictures look glaringly different mostly because the Before pics were taken at noon in May and the After pics were taken at 6 pm in October. Oh, and my photography skillz are nonexistent.


Michele & Derek Moore said...

LOVE the front! OK, its sad I have not seen it in person...we live like 2 blocks away! Sheesh...we need another Starbucks walk!

Meghan said...

uh yes, please!! and don't worry you'll see it tomorrow :) can't wait to see G in his sweet pea costume!!

"T-Bone" Lee said...

ohmygawdyoustillhaveablog??? :)

keep the house photos coming!

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