Sunday, October 18, 2009

Property Virgins

Well hello!

I heard from a little birdie or two that I need to update this here blogorino, so off we go!

The last time I checked in I mentioned that we were busy with some house hunting among other things and I'm happy to report that we were successful! On June 18 we closed on our very first home - an 1100 sf, 3 bedroom, 1 bath house that is all ours. We've painted, planted, drilled and hammered to our hearts' content over the past few months. My favorite part of all of it has been not having to ask anyone for permission first or debate whether or not the original effort will be worth it since we'll just have to "undo" it in a year or two when our lease is up. Everything we do increases the value of our investment, and when a huge chunk of our income goes to keeping this roof over our heads, that's a really good thing!!

I'm thinking that for awhile this blog will serve as a documentary of little projects and big projects... at least until I come up with something more interesting to write about. :)