Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Come back, Kim!!

I just had a fantastic weekend visiting with my BFF from high school, Kim. She and I met at soccer camp in New Jersey the summer before our freshman year. Actually, we had both been going to the same camp for a few years and I knew who she was, but frankly, she scared the crap out of me! I was totally intimidated by her because of her skills on the soccer field and how outgoing and confident she was. Thank god she turned out to not only be an amazing soccer player, but also super funny, loyal, smart and sweet. Because when we officially met we realized that we were going to spend a lot of time together over the next four years as a result of soccer and being in almost every class together since we were both nerds and would be taking all the honors classes. Since then we've been the best of friends regardless of the fact that we only see each other once a year at best. Fric and Frac. Francesca and Bianca. Kimmie and Meggie.

Kim comes back to visit at least once a year and I absolutely love it when she comes because she is always SO.EXCITED! California is Kim's Shangri La. It didn't matter that the weather didn't cooperate or that we didn't do much until 3 in the afternoon every day. She didn't even complain when we got to Great America yesterday and saw that the park was closed! Blurg.

In any case, we had a great time lounging around, going to a soccer game, shopping, eating, visiting with friends, hanging out at the beach, eating, playing the Wii, eating..... I think you get the idea. :)

Just a few shots from our weekend...
Sandy and Franny

The guy in the red hat was dressed like a pirate. And played the harmonica. It was weird.

Enjoying the view

My girl!

Kim's sweet ride down to San Diego
Franny, I'm gonna miss you!! Can't wait to see you in May! :)


"T-Bone" Lee said...

Kimmie's hair looks so cute!!!

What's happening in May???? Can I come???? :)

Meghan said...

I know! Doesn't she look great? :)

I'm going home over Memorial Day to see "Rent" with my sisters. Yay!