Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Right Stuff

I can’t believe I’m going to admit this publicly, but I am STOKED for the return of not one, but TWO of the best things to happen to the 80s and 90s. Yes, that’s right, 90210 and New Kids on the Block.

I know what you’re thinking. "Meg, you need to get a life." (and you would be right)

But honestly, this is just too much! I know it won’t be the real 90210, just a spin-off, but can anyone look me in the eye and say they aren’t just the tiniest bit intrigued about the return of the Peach Pit? Hmmm?? Of course, since Aaron Spelling is no longer going to be enriching our lives with (what are now) cliché dramas about teen angst, I’m sure this spin-off will pale in comparison to the original, but whatever. I will totally watch it and probably love every horrible second of it.

As for the New Kids, (Sidenote: can they really be called that anymore? I mean, they’re hardly “new” and I definitely wouldn’t call them “kids." Helloooooooo, Joey! ;)) they are another comeback that I’m super excited for. Now, I know you all probably think I’m lamer than lame, and normally you would be correct, but let me clarify. I’m not excited in the OMG-I-HAVE-to-have-the-new-NKOTB-sleeping bag/umbrella/cassette, etc. kind of way (as most of us were back in the day). More like in the I-can’t-wait-to-see-this-trainwreck-but-I-secretly-really-hope-they-kick-ass, kind of way.

Follow me? Good.

Now all I need is for Debbie Gibson to come out with a new album and for Saved by the Bell to come back with Saved by the Bell: The Married Years. I can see it now, Kelly Kapowski marries Zack Morris only to have a love-child fathered by AC Slater, who married (and subsequently cheats on) Jessie Spano. The best part? The only happy couple in the group is Lisa Turtle and Screech who end up marrying, popping out 6 little Lisa's and Screech's and living happily ever after. Oh and who can forget Mr. Belding! He is the crotchety old man who lives down the street who always yells at the kids to "get off my dang lawn!"

The End. :)

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