Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wish Upon A Star

We had a fantastic time with our family at Disney World. However, this was not an endeavor for the faint of heart! We braved rain, wind, blisters, ponchos that smelled like a tacklebox, mosquitoes and some wicked sunburns that will no doubt drain the world of its supply of aloe. All kidding aside, these were just tiny bits of our trip that just gave us more to laugh about, because who has ever been on a vacation where everything goes perfectly? (If you are raising your hand right now, you can just go ahead and slap yourself for me. ;))

I will now try to sum up our vacation with more pictures than anything else. Lets just put it this way, I think between all of us we have more than 600 pictures. I went through them and pulled 81 out that are must haves for our album (luckily it fits 200 photos, so I get to pick more!! mwa ha ha ha!) . But I am obviously not going to put up 81 pictures because, as awesome as we are... no one wants to wade through that many pictures on someone's blog. And I don't have the patience to upload that many either.

So here we go...

Rusty and I arrived to Orlando on Friday, June 13. We had a fantastic crab dinner (crab cakes for me... yummy!) to kick things off right. We were all excited and wound up but knew we had a big day ahead of us at Epcot, so we hit the sack relatively early. But first, Kylah helped me check out our new digs for the next week.

The parks we covered during our stay were Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios (some twice!). All were ridiculously fun and provided an unimaginable amount of walking. I wonder how many miles we walked overall...? I had to keep reminding myself not to complain out loud because my wonderful sister-in-law held up just fine and she's 6 months pregnant! What a trooper. :)

Anyway, I'll be up front with you all right now and say I honestly do not remember everything we did. Occasionally I'd write notes in my cell phone to remind me, but not often enough to remember what we did each day. Let's start with Epcot, shall we?

View of Epcot from our balcony. This was especially awesome because we could watch the fireworks from here every night!

First family picture of the trip...
We had heard Donald Duck was hard to spot. He was the first character we met!
Rusty and I in front of a waterfall in Norway...

Kylah got to meet almost all of the Disney princesses at her princess lunch. She met Cinderella, Sleeping Pooty (she can't say "Beauty" yet...), Ariel and a host of others but Belle was everyone's favorite. She was gorgeous and so sweet.

While Kylah got autographs from some other characters, Goofy gave me a big hug :)

Beautiful family... outside the Finding Nemo ride.

Most important picture of all: the family with Mickey!

The next day we headed to Magic Kingdom.

Sheesh! Only been here an hour and we're in trouble already! Haha!

"Can I see??"

You thought I was kidding about the ponchos. Seriously, they're making a comeback! In any case, when its raining as hard as it was, you'll wear ANYTHING to stay dry!

Uncle Rusty holding Sleepy Kylah... this makes my uterus ache... ;)

Kylah and I settle in after a looong day to watch Ratatouille.

That about wraps up the first couple days. I have more that I'd like to share with everyone, so stay tuned!

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