Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's in the water

Babies babies, everywhere! Just to name a few: my sister-in-law is due in the fall, as is the wife of one of our groomsmen, the sister of a friend of mine just had her baby yesterday and a couple weeks ago I found out that another friend of mine at work is expecting! Yay! I'm so happy for everyone, I could literally explode. :) And my coworker found out last week that she's having a boy! Double Yay! This fabulous news prompted her to question what is in the water at our company because every woman at work in the last 3 years has had a boy (some of them have had more than one boy in that span of time). It makes me wonder if when we're ready, - whichisnotrightnowthankyouverymuch - should I still be working there when I get pregnant since I want at least one girl??

I kid I kid! But it has sparked a conversation or two - granted they are mostly in my head - about what exactly our plans are in terms of kids and why do we bother making plans anyway? Its inevitable that whatever we "decide"will be overridden by the man upstairs. Of course, for the most part we can control the timing of the whole thing, but there are other issues too. Anyone who has ever wanted kids has at some point said something along the lines of "I want two kids. One boy and one girl, preferably in that order." Okay, so that's what I say... whatever. ;) But I think its a well known fact that, except for the lucky few, we rarely get what we want.... or think we want. When it comes to kids, in the end it really doesn't matter if we have all boys, all girls or one of each because its not up to us. Then you've got my husband, ever the optimist, who figures with our luck we'll have one and when we go for the second, we'll end up with twins or ::gulp:: triplets! Yikes!

The point I think I'm trying to make is I'm trying really hard to not over plan our future because... well... its pointless! I've seen people try to live their life by a timeline or a "plan" and when things don't go accordingly, they're lost and upset and that makes me sad. It's great to have goals and all that and try to time things as best you can, but in the end, the best thing we can do is just let go and live by the que serĂ¡, serĂ¡ attitude.

I know I know. Easier said than done... :) For now, these two mutts are all the kids I can handle.


"T-Bone" Lee said...

I read an article recently that said that one study noticed that women that eat breakfast and more calories throughout the day (the amount in a banana) tend to have boys and women that skipped breakfast tend to have girls. That said! The proportion in the study still ended up being 50/50 boys to girls. So.....don't get skipping breakfast just to have a girl...although...interesting thought.... babies yet. :)

Emily Johnson said...

Who else at work is having a baby? I know KS had her boy already... who else? Is JT having a boy with his wife? Baby numero quatro?

Meghan said...

TMP! (don't want to write out her whole name, but that's who is having a boy) JT and his wife haven't found out what they're having yet. I'll be sure to let you know once we hear! :) :)