Sunday, May 4, 2008

May lightning strike me

... if I'm lying, but I am so happy classes have started again. I just had a couple weeks off from school and at first I really enjoyed the freedom to go out or just lay around and do nothing without feeling guilty. But by the end, I was getting really bored. I tried to get out and do as much as possible so I could really enjoy the free time I had but when you're trying to save money, there aren't a whole lot of options! Instead I spent a lot of time on the couch, vegging. And honestly, there is only so much Lifetime and HGTV a girl can stand. I know, right?

Because I've been feeling so useless, I offered up my services as Painter Extraordinaire to our good friends who just bought their first home. We spent all day yesterday at their place working on Step 1: lay the subflooring for the new bamboo floor. As a result of a few snags, including some stripped screws from the girls' attempts at drilling them into the floor, we never got to the painting stage of the project. But since its going to be awhile before the Husband and I are able to purchase our first home, I'm more than willing to hang in there for as long as it takes. I love projects like this. When I was younger I loved to watch This Old House and Old Yankee Workshop with my dad. I mean, its not like I ever actually did anything, but I love the idea of learning how to use all the tools we have. Rusty let me play with some of them and my eyes almost popped out of my head with shock when I realized just how powerful a circular saw feels in your hands. Cuh-raaaazy!

Since we're all about packing as much as we can into a narrow window of time, after we left their house, we went home to change and immediately turned around to go to the San Jose Earthquakes Opening Day at SCU. It was amazing to see so many people on campus and the new facilities and amenities we got as a result of the Quakes using our stadium as their home field for the next few years. Semi-boring game that picked up at the end but the real highlights were the fireworks they set off during the national anthem and all the service men and women who held a giant flag. Very cool.

Of course, as I'm sure many of us did, I finished the weekend with some hardcore spring cleaning. Mostly because I had ignored it for a couple weeks, but also because even though I am happy for class to start again, I will still look for anything to put off homework for a few hours.


"T-Bone" Lee said...

just one more class left!!! hurray!

Meghan said...

That's awesome that you get a thrill from tools and home improvement projects...those skills always come in very handy!!

Oh, and thanks for reminding me how "in honor of cinco de mayo" started...I knew it had to be something ridiculous :)