Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birthday, Part 2

All I seem to do is whine on this thing, so to lighten things up a bit, I thought I'd share the rest of my birthday weekend fun with ya'll. :)

Saturday night was amazing. Our dinner at Picasso's was undeniably the best meal I've ever had. I'm drooling just thinking about it!

Sunday, we woke up and just lounged around for a while. Then we braved the valley winds and headed off to Great America. I LOVE amusement parks and rollercoasters and what better way to ring in another year of getting older than by screaming your lungs out like a little kid?! We had so much fun. And the best part was not having to wait in line for more than 10 minutes - the upside to going on the first day the park opens! Although it did occur to us that maybe going to ride dangerous rollercoasters when the teenagers who work there are still being trained on how to operate them, might not have been the brightest idea we've ever had. But it all worked out, we survived and I even had a chance to wear my new cashmere scarf from my momma!

Unfortunately, someone (ahem Rusty) drank a few beers before we left for the park, and I'm sure you can imagine what being flipped and turned and spun around did to his belly full of beer. So after going on every ride that was open, we decided to head home where Rusty made me dinner. I've been told birthday cake is forthcoming because we'll both be out of town this weekend and contrary to popular belief the two of us cannot down an entire cake in less than a week... although we've tried.

Thank you to everyone who remembered me this weekend and especially Rusty who went above and beyond to make sure I was spoiled all weekend long. I love you!

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