Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sip Bacardi like it's your birthday

Happy Birthday to MEEE! Ok, I'm jumping the gun a little since its not really until tomorrow, but the great thing about your birthday falling on a Saturday or Sunday is that the entire weekend is all about you! Or at least it should be. And you can quote me on that. :)

The weekend started out pretty slow as far as birthday fun goes. I had class this morning, followed by more homework for another class. Of course I did make sure to take some time out to go to this cute little place called I.B.I. Boutique nearby that is owned by a girl who went to Santa Clara University, my alma mater. I love her stuff, especially her handmade jewelry. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend going to check it out. Usually I go and just drool all over everything because its so cute. And who doesn't love supporting a fellow Bronco?

After I treated myself to some unnecessary jewelry and hair accessories, I took off to go wander around the local farmer's market. If I had some cash on me, I would have left with an orchid taller than me and some tulips that had a vase waiting for them in my living room. But it didn't matter anyway, because Rusty ended up coming home with enough flowers to fill 3 vases! Yay!

Once we trimmed all the stems and found somewhere to put it all, we set out to walk the dogs. Of course, we realized after it was too late that it was super windy and cold and had forgotten the frisbee to play with at the park. Either way, it was nice to be outside, forget about work and school and just be with my guys.

And to round out Day 1, my super awesome husband is taking me out to dinner tonight for tapas and a pitcher or two of sangria at my favorite restaurant downtown, Picasso's. I can't wait! ("Topless tapas!")

And finally, I wanted to share a conversation between Rusty and I. On our way home from our walk, we passed someone's house where a bunch of people were outside. We glanced over and one of the guys waved.

Me: Do you know that guy?
Rusty: No.
Me: Hmmm... I wonder why he would wave.
Rusty: Maybe he thought I looked like the unibomber and he wanted to be friendly so I didn't pull some crazy shit.
Me: Sure. I can see that.
Rusty: But you make me legit. You in all the argyle. (I was wearing an argyle sweater.)
Me: You're right. It's the argyle. Argyle makes you feel safe.

He does kind of look like the unibomber here, doesn't he?


Anonymous said...

Party like it's your birthday cuz it is...we need to really go all out on our birthdays even and especially when we are very old.

Isn't my son wonderful!!!!
He gets it form me...

Meghan said...

Happy happy birthday to YOU! Those flowers look gorgeous, as do you and your unibomber of a husband :)

Hope your day was a fantastic one and cheers to celebrating again next weekend!